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R01 - simplicity.
R02 - don't wait up for a favorable moment in the week to take pictures. just go out and shoot.
R03 - when you are on the verge of quitting, then exactly push the shutter for a few frames. those could be the best.
R04 - as per experience and from predecessors' practical wisdom, think carefully about your clothes when you go out for shooting. a warm coat, an umbrella or boots, can always be taken into consideration.
R05 - don't force the chosen subject trying the impossible. if you cannot do it easy and simple, quit the scene.
R06 - don't look just in front of you. always look behind and all around.
R07 - take a look to the others' work, but don't copy. it is like in literature, you will improve the language.
R08 - old christian painters have achieved their best pieces of art combining the work with praying and fasting as well. you at least, stay concentrated and try to see the God's creation grandeur through the viewfinder.
R09 - if the scene is too complicated though, try something symmetrical and uniform, with ample force lines. this will calm down the things a bit.
R10 - opposite to a very spread opinion, everywhere you'd go, don't take your photo camera with you. do not interfere the priorities.
R11 - buy a tripod!
R12 - constantly to review your whole work. it is essential for your progress to analyze what you've captured in your old frames.
R13 - do not throw away your pictures! even those which are not good!
R14 - know your gear: body and lenses. by heart. you have to feel the commands without watching the buttons.
R15 - come again in the places where you have been before, in order to experiment new exposures and angles of the same subjects. the weather is changing, so light and atmosphere are always different.
R16 - think at this photo now, as your last one taken being alive. invest all your deep emotions there.
R17 - you don't have to disregard your first photo series. sometimes, even after several attempts you cannot obtain something artistically equal with the first shot. therefore treat very carefully each exposure.
//// - rule no 11 canceled. mission accomplished.
R18 - it is preferable to spend more time composing and thinking. less pictures but greater quality. and of course less work in post process.
R19 - your heart is the best counselor.
R20 - when you finally will find your subject, step further, go closer, be within.
R21 - you are what you love. don't stop "to become", set going...
R22 - a tip from Eva: don't cut the color points. include them in the frame, they focus the attention.
R23 - before any long exposure take a normal picture or even try to record the scene. it is an ulterior didactic material, about ambient conditions like weather, time, light, colors, atmosphere.
R24 - you will photograph a subject only if it really matters.
R25 - you will photograph only if you are connected with your subject. fill the flow in your spirit and materialize it in your viewfinder.
R26 - wait. learn the patience. you are not a street photographer.
R27 - I cannot not to mention how stupid they are (artists' masses) speaking about pre-visualization. and there are many... it has no sense. this would nullify God's imprint and final surprise.
R28 - as a landscape photographer you should be always aware about weather; last experience shown that you cannot trust those meteo forecast web sites. in conclusion, try to wear all-year-good clothes.
R29 - each photography session it is a real life lesson. learn!
R30 - experiment playing with lines; tilt them.
R31 - even if one day has passed without getting "that" frame you was searching for, don't discourage yourself. the most important thing is "to act".
/// - rule 02 add on: firstly you have definitely to feel that special sensation of fulfillness, that indefinite part inside of you crying for liberation. Otherwise, going out and shooting is just equal to practice.
R32 - search for beauty. it is not an meaningless effort but a never ending process for your heart and eyes.
R33 - show only your best.
R34 - all the subjects are taken, check them on google and you'll see everything right there, being BW or in colors. so what? this should not stop you to photograph what you consider as important or expressive and to redefine that subject.
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Thanx for the fave! Great gallery! Viva la France!!! Though Gerard prefered Russia;)
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Thank you for your support, Alex!
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dude, I absolutely love your monochromatic work, and the smooth somber sensation it gives me. keep up the good work!
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